Before the OceanThe Beginning (2013)Seaside Roundabout and Promenade (2014Seaside - The End Of The Lewis And Clark Trail.Seaside "Turn-Around"Turn-around at Seaside, Oregon, ca. 1937Seaside "Turn-Around" (2014)Promenade Lamp and Beach (2014)The Beginning and the End (2014)Still Looking West (2014)Monument and Highway (2014)End of the Trail Base (2014)Promenade Dedication PlaqueStart of the Columbia River Highway? (2014)Original Western Terminus of the Columbia River HighwayEighteen Foot Concrete Pavement On The Coast Highway South Of Astoria.  Laid In 1920.Bascule Bridge Over Youngs Bay Near AstoriaYoungs Bay Bridge on the Roosevelt Coast Highway South of AstoriThe Astoria-Megler Bridge across the Columbia River at Astoria, Oregon, USA.