HCRH - Fire Snags from Possible Old HCRH SegmentDetail - HCRH Herman Creek to Shellrock - Mt. Hood - Edition of March 1913, Reprinted 1916Detail - HCRH Herman Creek to Lindsey Creek - Hood River - 1926Hood River County 3, Wyeth, 1931Old Road Trace, Westbound (2013)The old track connecting the frontage road with the Wyeth road may be a remnant of the original 1914 CRHOld Road Trace, Frontage Road, and I-84, Westbound (2013)Looping East to Wyeth Road Route (2013)Possible HCRH Remnant, Eastbound (2013)Tracks Into Old Pavement Into Road (2013)Old Pavement at the East End of the Road Trace (2013)East to the HCRH River Route (2013)Old Bone on Old Highway (2013)Wind Mountain from Herman Creek RoadWyeth Road. The old route and the new.Wyeth Road. The old route, matching the old maps, is visible.Old and New Routes Eastbound (2013)To the Old Dump (2013)Westbound on Old Route (2013)Still Open to Trucks (2013)