View West From Proposed Overlook (2013)Remnant of Northern HCRH Loop (2014)East Shellrock, the Blasted Loop, and the Mossy Road fragments of the HCRH are visible in this Lidar imageHCRH - Leafy Highway SurfaceDetail - HCRH Wyeth to Viento - Mt. Hood - Edition of March 1913, Reprinted 1916THE COLUMBIA RIVER HIGHWAY WEST OF LINDSAY IN HOOD RIVER COUNTYHood River County 6, Lindsey, 1931HCRH - Very West End of the Lindsey Creek SegmentHCRH - Moss, Wind, I-84HCRH - Road Closed Beyond This PointHCRH - What Lies Beyond the EndHCRH - Away from the BrinkHCRH - Flowers Growing on PavementHCRH - Basalt PinnacleHCRH - Broken Down Retaining WallHCRH - Spur Road  to Lindsey Creek Segment ViewpointHCRH - Wind Mountain from Lindsey Creek Segment ViewpointHCRH - Dog Mountain from Lindsey Creek Segment ViewpointOverlook Road Southbound towards HCRHOld Post at HCRH & Access Road Junction (2013)