View From Ruthton Point (2013)Hood River County 8, Hood River, 1931USGS. OR-Hood River. 1926. (detail)USGS. OR-Hood River. 1929. (detail)USGS. OR-Hood River. 1957. (detail)USGS. OR-Hood River. 1994. (detail)Google - Hood River West - 2010 (v.006)Ruthton Point to Ruthton Park and Possible old overlook - LidarRuthton Point from Cook-Underwood (2015)Ruthton Hill, three miles east of Hood River on the Columbia River Highway.  Paved in 1920.Old HCRH at Ruthton Point (2013)Abandoned Historic Highway & I-84 at Ruthton Point (2013)Broughton Lumber Flume Remains from Ruthton PointOld HCRH Pavement & Masonry at Ruthton Point (2013)HCRH Railings and Masonry at Ruthton Point (2013)Washington 14 Tunnels from Ruthton PointRuthton Point Section of Historic Highway Passing through PrivatRuthon, Cliffton, Columbia Gorge Hotel - 1931HEAVY GRADING ON RUTHTON HILL IN HOOD RIVER COUNTY. CONSTRUCTED IN 1917 AND 1918End of Pavement, Westcliff / Frontage Road