Scenic Traffic Corridor(2014)Wind From Shellrock (2014)Hood River County 5, Shellrock, 1931Detail - HCRH Wyeth to Viento - Mt. Hood - Edition of March 1913, Reprinted 1916Shellrock: Dramatic Real EstateBlack pavement at the foot of Shell Rock Mountain on the Cascade Locks - Hood River section of the Columbia River Highway.  Laid in 1920.No. 26 At Shell Mountain, Columbia River HighwayTruckBegin Section B, Mile 54End Section B, Mile 54Under the Freeway, to the West (2014)HCRH Into the Trees (2014)Divergent Path... (2014)HCRH Leaving Shellrock, West End (2014)Rock Slide Over HCRH (2014)Overgrown HCRH at Dusk (2014)Wagon Road Masonry Near HCRH (2014)Distrupted By I-84, East End (2014)HCRH Construction Plaque (2014)Summit Creek Ravine