Sherman County 1, Deschutes, 1934Sherman County 3, Rufus, 1934Sherman County 3, Rufus, 1934Sherman County 4, John Day, 1934Fragments west of BiggsPioneer GirlOld Biggs MotelSpanish Hollow Bridge - 2014 Curious Gorge TourSpanish Hollow Bridge at Twilight (2014)Columbia River Highway, Spanish Hollow Bridge (2014)No. 154. Upper Columbia River Highway betwen The Dalles and Arlington Ore.No. 174. Columbia River Highway between Arlington and The Dalles, Ore.Under the U.P.The Stone Watchman (Near Rufus)Fleck's Auto CampRufus (East End)Old Retaining Wall East of RufusJohn Day CrossingTurbines Near Sunset"Twin Bridges," John Day River