29th & Stark StreetBase Line / Stark Over Tabor - 1927Stark over Tabor12-Mile RoadhouseUSGS-1916 Troutdale-Detail-12 Mile CornerMt. Hood from LSI LogicSomething before my time...  (2015)Old Sign on Stark (2015)Old Alt. US 30 Route, Stark at Troutdale Road, Westbound (2014)The Alfred Baker Beech TreeTree and PlaqueThe Alfred Baker Beech Tree PlaqueCollege Nature Park (2014)Stark / Baseline (2014)Approaching the Sandy River Gorge (2014)First Retaining Wall, Descending to the Sandy (2014)Stark Street Viaduct, West End (2014Creek South of Viaduct (2014)Railing and Interpretive Sign (2014)Stark Street Viaduct, Interpretive Sign (2014)