Sandy River Bridge From the East Bank (2011)1889 Map (detail) - Portions of the Wire Trail, Rooster Rock Road, and Latourell Road1916 - Troutdale - Detail - HCRH Troutdale to ChanticleerAuto Club, Dabney Park, SpringdaleEntering Oregon Scenic Byway (2015)Tad's Sign (2015)Multnomah County Crusher, Columbia River Highway ProjectGrading the New Columbia River HighwaySandy River near TroutdaleLarge Concrete Thing on Woodard Road (2015)Seen better winters on Woodard Road (2015)Tippy Canoe Sign (2015)HCRH at Tippy Canoe (2015)Sandy River at Tippy Canoe (2015)Falls Across From Tippy Canoe (2015)Sunbreaks Over Gresham (2008)Sunbreaks Over Portland (2008)Sunbreaks Over Portland (2008)Sunbreaks Over Gresham (2008)Sunbreaks Over Gresham (2008)