Starvation Creek Falls and River (2015)Starvation Creek FallsDetail - HCRH Wyeth to Viento - Edition of March 1913, Reprinted 1916Through the Trees to the FallsHood River County 7, Viento, 1931Leaves Before the FallsStarvation Creek to VientoView West From Starvation CreekHCRH Construction Plaque (2014)Remnant of old grade above state trail?Starvation Creek Interpretive SignCulvert Under HCRH State TrailIvy at Starvation Creek State ParkOld Road / Trail looping through Picnic AreaEmbankmentStarvation Creek FallsWater Tank Remains?Broken Wall At Falls Picnic AreaHCRH and Falls Picnic Area from FallsTowards the Falls