Above the Old Settled Site (2013)Old Road Grade Descending to I-84 and Lindesy Creek (2013)Mossy Can on Old Road Bed (2013)Rusty Wire Rope on Old Road Bed (2013)Old Road Grade Above I-84, Eastbound (2013)Old Road Grade Above I-84, Westbound (2013)Starvation Ridge from Old Road Grade (2013)HCRH State Trail Route on Old Road Grade, Eastbound (2013)HCRH State Trail Route, Westbound (2013)Lindsey Pond and Union Pacific (2013)Fall Colors in the Gorge (2013)HCRH Trail Route East Towards Lindsey Creek (2013)Future State Trail, Westbound (2013)Gorge East From HCRH State Trail RouteRemains of Lindsey Lake and the River East (2013)HCRH Trail Survey Marker Above the I-84 Road Cut (2013)Trail Route on the Cliff Above the Abandoned Highway (2013)Future State Trail Overlook (2013I-84 and Union Pacific from State Trail Overlook (2013)View West From Future Overlook (2013)