Approaching Herman Creek (2014)HCRH Route on Forest Lane, Westbound (2013)Hood River County 2, Herman Creek, 1931Lidar Image - Forest Lane to Wyeth RoadEnd of HCRH Forest Lane Alignment (2013)Cascade Locks Built For Commerce Interpretive Sign - Detail (2013)Old HCRH Pavement Merging Under Forest Lane (2013)HCRH Alignment, East End of Forest Lane (2013)Old HCRH Pavement. Eastbound (2013)HCRH Severed by I-84 (2013)HCRH Pavement, Westbound (2013)Office Building - Ranger StationGutters and Old StairsOld Stairs at Ranger StationOld Walk to Nowhere - Ranger StationOvergrown Walk - Ranger StationMasonry & Campground Road at Ranger StationThrough old stones to an unknown locationGovernment Cove and  Quarry Island from near the old HCRH RouteEast of Cascade Locks on the Columbia River Highway in Hood Rover County.  Surfaced with bituminous pavement in 1920.