Page 046 - Township 1 N. Range 3 E., Fairview, Troutdale, Sandy River, Wymore Atlas: Multnomah County 1927 State: Oregon Metsker Maps 1927 Historic Map Works.
Sandy Road, Approaching Fairview, 1927Nordic Motel at NE 120th Ave and Sandy Blvd (1950)The Deer Motel at 14850 NE Sandy Blvd. - 1958 (Currently the Golden Spikes Motel)Sandy Road, Fairview to Troutdale, 1927Approaching FairviewOld HCRH, US 30 Route Severed by I-84 (2014)HCRH Route Interrupted By I-84 Approaching TroutdaleTowards the Actual HCRH (2013)Railway Underpass, Approach to TroutdaleRailway Underpass, Approach To Troutdale (2014)Actual HCRH Approaching Troutdale (2013)Minor HCRH Route Revision (2013)