Morrow County 1 (Boulder), 1935Morrow County 2 (Castle Rock, Peters), 1935Morrow County 3 (Boardman), 1935Morrow County 4 (Irrigon), 1935Morrow County 5 (Irrigon East), 1935Surviving Fragments, Western Morrow CountyMarine Drive, likely CRH, emerging from riverUS 30 Descends Into the River (2014)Towards the River (2014)Bursting Through... (2014)Rock Images Exhibit (2014)Interpretive Sign (2014Rock Images Exhibit (2014)Rock Images Exhibit (2014)Boardman PossibilitiesColumbia River Highway Leaving the Industrial Area (2014)Towards Irrigon (2014)Columbia River Highway towards Boardman (2014)Hay Sheds on the Old Highway (2014)Columbia River Highway, Westbound (2014)