Google Earth Imagery Date: July 18, 2010
Viento to Mitchell Point - MP 58 - 20112010 ODOT Trail Plan - Viento - MP 58 - Pg. 28Viento Loop #1 From the Access Road (2013)Westbound, Viento Loop #1 (2013)West End Of Loop #1 Severed by I-84 (2013)Rock and Trees, Viento Loop #1HCRH Pavement Edge, Eastbound.  Viento Loop #1 (2013)HCRH Pavement Edge, West End of Viento Loop #1 (2013)HCRH Eastbound, Viento Loop #1 (2013)Pavement Intact (2013)Overgrown, Upside Down Fire Pits (2013)Upside Down Campsite Fire Pits (2013)Discarded Fire Pit (2013)Abandoned Grill (2013)Mossy, Discarded Grill (2013)Historic Highway, East Bound, Viento Loop #1 (2013)Abandoned Highway, Viento Loop #1, Westbound (2013)East to the Washout (2013)HCRH Wash Out (2013)Historic Highway and BPA Access Road (2013)