Indian Point from Wyeth RoadHood River County 4, Gorton Creek, 1931USGS 1957 Bonneville (detail)Detail - HCRH Herman Creek to Shellrock - Mt. Hood - Edition of March 1913, Reprinted 1916Historic Photo of Dunn Wyeth CafeGorton Creek Bridge, HCRH, Eastbound (2013)Gorton Creek Bridge, HCRH (2013)Gorton Creek Bridge, HCRH, Eastbound (2013)Meanwhile in the Gorge...Wyeth Campground Plaque & Sign PostsWyeth Campground PlaqueWyeth Campground TablesWyeth Campground: Trees In BloomCCC volunteers, 1935 Camp NewBenson (Left)CCC volunteers, 1935 Camp NewBenson (Right)Original route from Gorton Creek bridge?State Park and Wyeth Campground - 1993 PhotoState Park and Wyeth Campground - 2006 PhotoBonesHole in the old grade