Old Road Trace, Westbound (2013)Old Road Trace, Frontage Road, and I-84, Westbound (2013)Looping East to Wyeth  Road Route (2013)Possible HCRH Remnant, Eastbound (2013)Tracks Into Old Pavement Into Road (2013)East to the HCRH River Route (2013)Old Pavement at the East End of the Road Trace (2013)Old Bone on Old Highway (2013)HCRH - Fire Snags from Possible old HCRH SegmentOld and New Routes Eastbound (2013)To the Old Dump (2013)Early HCRH Alignment (2013)Eastbound on Old Route (2013)Rocks on Old Route (2013)Westbound on Old Route (2013)Another Route Following Powerlines (2013)Still Open to Trucks (2013)Old Route and New (2013)Descent to Wyeth (2013)Wyeth Road East (2011)