November 27, 2015: I realized that a lot of folks might not know what these "photos of the day" posts are all about for me. Essentially, my rules, set by myself, for myself, are to post a previously unedited, unreleased photo as often as possible (every work day is a goal, though possibly one that is unobtainable at this point) and to try to write a line or two, at least, relating to the photo (usually), as well...

As for frequency, I want to keep this rolling, so I am not holding myself to posting each and every day, lest I get discouraged and decide that I am just too busy at this time to continue with this "project," and recently it seems like posts are the exception, not the rule, but I stumble along anyway... I've abandoned this project for long periods in the past for that very reason and I don't want to do that again right now.

For more info: ​
McCloud River Arm, Shasta Lake (2010)Mt. Shuksan at DawnSleeping Ute Mountain from Lowry PuebloVermilion CliffsA Grand Stair StepUnder Hickman BridgeDesert Bighorns Above Hoover DamSpying on the TouristsDelta-09, Minuteman Missile NHSDesert BighornsThe Needles from Chesler Park ViewpointStorm Approaching, Craters of the MoonMammatus Clouds Over Grand View Point RoadStorm and Light at Candlestick TowerOld Faithful and CloudsKepler CascadesSkinny Puppy, Eye vs. Spy Tour 2014Rowena Crest, Historic Columbia River Highway (2014)Glen Canyon National Recreation Area: Hite Overlook PanoramaSipapu Bridge