HCRH - Old pavement between old and new bridgesHood River Loops from Washington (2015)Hood River County 8, Hood River, 1931Hood River County 9, Hood River Loops, 1931Old Bridge Site to Hood River Loops to State Park Trail Head - LidarREINFORCED CONCRETE BRIDGE OVER HOOD RIVER, NEARING COMPLETION, ON THECOLUMBIA RIVER HIGHWAY AT HOOD RIVER CITY. BUILT IN 1918.New and Old Routes Merge, Westbound (2013)Old Bridge Site and Engine (2013)Old Bridge Site from New Bridge (2013)New From Site of Old (2013)Hood River Bridge Site (2013)Bursting From Old Pavement (2013)Centerline Towards Nothing (2013)New Guardrail (2013)Flower Near Old Hood River Bridge (2013)Hood River Below the Old Bridge (2013)Wall Below Former Bridge (2013)Pavement's Edge (2013)River Grass and Old Concrete (2013)North to the Rail Bridge (2013)